Weekly Update #8

Published 2019/03/11


Unity Boards

The Unity board PCBs arrived and were assembled. After testing they appear to work perfectly. They were each programmed with the firmware developed and optimized in the week prior. Improvements to the I2C and stepper code were made, and code was added to control the pod dispenser servo.

This week:

This week marks the final week of the practical portion of the project. Demo day is on Wednesday and the symposium is on Friday. Between then and now a few things still need to be finalized, including gantry cart limit switches, the ingredient portion algorithm and final wiring and cable management.

Final Assembly

The final parts of the GranolaPods system were assembled - this includes the Raspberry Pi, the touchscreen, the pod dispenser, and the Unity boards for each dispenser. After some extensive wiring, all boards powered on and connected to the I2C bus. The commands for full machine operation were coded into the Raspberry Pi backend, and the machine was tested for the first time. After some debugging, the machine consistently performed it's operations - calibrating, moving to each dispenser (stopping when a hall sensor detected a magnet mounted to the dispenser) and dispensing ingredients.