Weekly Update #7

Published 2019/03/04

Paddlewheel Optimization

As symposium and demo day approaches, each subsystem is being finalized and prepped for final assembly. This week involved manufacturing a custom paddlewheel to increase the number of fins from 6 to 8. This design was iterated from past paddlewheel shaft designs to fit inside the dispensing container.

















Pod Dispenser

Work on the pod dispenser continued this week. A new slide-locking mechanism was designed. Using a standard servo, a rack and pinion slides a frame in and out. The frame has ledges that engage from the cup second to the bottom, and disengage from the bottom cup, ejecting it while holding the rest in place.
















Unity Boards

The Unity board now has a command based packet system implemented. A second one has been prototyped, and we are now able to use the sensors on one Unity board to trigger actions on the second board via communication with the master controller on the Pi. While the system is working, some additional optimizations to the code still need to be made, and will be continued. PCBs should arrive soon, at which point they will be assembled, programmed and tested. A demonstration of the Unity boards can be seen in this video: