The Team


As Mechatronics engineering students, we decided to take a multidisciplinary approach rather than dividing our team into different engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, software). This allowed the each member to have a larger understanding of the overall system and the flexibility to assist in any area that required the most attention.


Saloni Agrawal

Benjamin Davies

Michael Kafarowski

Cody Reading



Cody Reading was responsible for the mechanical design, manufacturing, and assembly of the GranolaPod machine, in addition to the food dispenser design and manufacturing. Cody assisted in the electrical assembly as well.

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Michael largely focused on the electrical and hardware elements of the GranolaPods system. Specifically, he designed the circuit, PCB and firmware for the modular Unity boards that control and connect the dispensers and gantry cart to the main processor. He also developed the front-end UI and the Unity back-end server code.

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Ben was responsible for the mechanical design and manufacturing for the cup dispenser and ingredient dispensers, along with their mechanical integration with the rest of the system. In addition, he was responsible for designing and 3D printing various components for the machine.



Saloni was responsible for the mechanical manufacturing and assembly of the GranolaPods machine, in addition to setting up the software architecture and processes for the machine, UI prototyping and algorithm ideation. Saloni assisted in the food dispenser design and manufacturing as well.