The GranolaPods System

An easy, customizable, on-the-Go snack

What is GranolaPods?

GranolaPods is an automated trail mix making machine that creates a custom snack based on your personalized macronutrient requirements. Coding and algorithms take your health requirements into account and select ingredients to suit your needs. The end product is a GranolaPod (granola treat with a personality!) served in a convenient and resealable package, perfect for health conscious, on-the-go individuals.


Who is behind GranolaPods?

GranolaPods is the product created by Waterloo Mechatronic fourth-year design project team 26 - Saloni Agrawal, Ben Davies, Michael Kafarowski and Cody Reading. Bios and team information can be found on The Team page.


As part of the requirements for the fourth-year design project, weekly development updates can be found on the Weekly Updates page.

After entering health information using the machine's touchscreen or the mobile app, the algorithm will determine the optimal mix of ingredients to best match the user's health requirements. A gantry cart containing the empty granola pod will move to various ingredient dispensing stages, where carefully portioned amounts of ingredient will be dispensed. As the pod is served to the customer, the gantry cart will return to it's home position. The system is then ready for another order!